Swinging Skirts 2016 Pro-Am

My player is Yueer Cindy Feng.

E-9’d the front by ourselves. Plenty of practice with no one behind us.

Left the course around one. The shuttle back to M Lot ( a parking garage down the street) was so tardy I decided to walk. I stopped at an ATM on the way to withdraw some needed cash then proceeded up the four flights of stairs to my car. The unmistakable sound of a flat tire caught my attention one floor short of my destination. It turned out to be another caddie, Ralph Scarinzi.

I offered to help but when we opened the trunk, no spare was to found. Upon further inspection, an electronic inflator was in its stead. Good enough as long as the leak wasn’t too large. But hold on. It’s useless if the cigarette lighter outlet has a blown fuse which it must have. There was no power to be found but there was another option. My car. I pulled along side, plugged it in and within a minutes, Ralph was on his way to exchange his ride for something else.

Ralph Scarinzi flat tire Swinging Skirts 2016

Prius to the Rescue

Noelani’s Bar and Lounge had three very special guests last night.

Kevin me and Bully at Noelani's Bar and Lounge 2016

Kevin our housing host, me and Bully. More laughs than one can count along with a few cold ones.

I absolutely abhor red-eye flights and the one from Hawaii on Sunday was no exception. Given the cost restraints, it was my only option.

I arrived at the airport twelve hours early. I know, I know, spending the time at Waikiki would have been a better alternative but the weather was lousy (a dreary mist) and I just wasn’t feelin’ it. So I spent some time with volunteer Dave in the United Club but when he left, so did I.

To alleviate the boredom I strolled the terminal but that didn’t go so well. Part of it is outdoors and the combination of damp sidewalk and the Crocs I had on did not make for a good combination. I went down like a sack of potatoes falling off the truck! More embarrassed than hurt, I remained inside for the duration.

Even though I had the best coach seat on the plane (exit row with no seat in front of me) I still couldn’t sleep and my right hip felt out of whack. Couldn’t get comfortable. Rack up another awful experience.

Then there was this:

Karen Stupples: Golf Channel Reporter Will Tee It Up at LPGA ShopRite

Dame Laura Davies appointed first Honorary President of Parliamentary Golf Group

Kane Wins Chico’s Patty Berg Memorial Legends Tour Event

Injured LPGA star Park In-bee to take one month off from touring


2 Responses to Swinging Skirts 2016 Pro-Am

  1. Ozz says:

    Larry, this is not an insult, but boy you’re looking more like ‘Uncle Al Sugsda’. Just need a sharper crew cut. Have a good week in San Fran.


  2. Mark says:

    If you are still in San Carlos check out Marvin Gardens for some great burgers and brew.

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