Swinging Skirts 2016 – Round 1

My player is Yueer Cindy Feng.

Our first shot of the day went dead right followed by the provisional. The result was a quad on our first hole, number ten, but played the other seventeen one under par. Sitting at +3

We had help from an official during the search and of course, he had the stopwatch running. It looks like neither the original or provisional ball would be found and I expected a trip back to the tee was forthcoming but divine providence (or maybe it was just a good eye) intervened. With literally five seconds remaining, I found the provisional. Before you say it, no, I did not have an extra pellet and a hole in my pocket for just such an occasion. 🙂

The weather could not have been better this morning. Cool and calm. Great for scoring as our playing partner So Yeon Ryu showed. She’s the leader.

Drive over five hours to watch women’s golf? Not former LPGA looper Rick Ried. He came to see his buds. Me and Jeff Steffler make a pair of handsome bookends. 😉

Larry Rick Ried and Jeff Steffler Swinging Skirts 2016

Bad break for caddie Jo Morley. A post on Facebook says she broke her ankle after tripping on a cable leaving the 11th green. Heading home.


2 Responses to Swinging Skirts 2016 – Round 1

  1. Chuck Parisi says:

    I do not know what is in the water but you guys do not look a day older than I remember, 10 years ago. Send some of that water my way….. All the best to you guys, CP

  2. Ozz says:

    Sorry to hear of Jo Morley and her terrible break. I know what she will go through after I broke a leg in Dayton – 2000. Long drive to Weatherford, TX for my recuperation.

    Say G’day to Rick Reid for us.

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