Texas Shootout 2016 – Tuesday

Saw a caddie pushing a trolley in the Monday qualifier. Turns out he had an ADA exemption. Hanna Collier eagled her final hole to finish first.

Texas Shhotout 2016 Monday qualifiers

The caddie HQ this week has VIP status as far as we’re concerned. Some of the best food there is. Quinoa salad was actually on the menu which only a couple guys knew what it was. Too highbrow for this crowd but we’ll take it.

Caddie HQ is also the place to get some homework finished. Some loopers need all the help they can get as Jeff Steffler reveals. His new nickname is “Jeff Three Books”. Then again, a cool soda is all that Bully needs.

Jeff Steffler with three yardage books Texas Shootout 2016

Starting last week, the no caddies shagging putts rule has been rescinded. Unless otherwise posted, the intrusive practice is now permitted once more.

More loopers received pink slips besides me the last couple weeks. Some by mutual agreement, some not. One from a rather famous (or infamous) player.

Samantha Richdale had a seventy-four year old trolley pusher on the bag when she won the Symetra event in Lake Wales. Old guys rule!

Did anyone notice Haru Nomura building a stance in the bunker during the telecast on Sunday? It’s been mentioned.

Then there was this:

Danielle Downey Classic purse bumped to $200K

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