Texas Shootout 2016 – Wednesday

Knock, knock. Who’s there? The start of a joke? One player only wished. That was an 8am Monday morning visit by the Olympic drug testers at her hotel this week. Each possible contestant has to log where they will be staying for just such an occasion.

“Country Club Mike” is in the house Picked up Jane Rah for the week. If she has a dismal week putting, here’s why.

Country Club Mike putting at Texas Shootout 2016

“Scraper” has also returned after a one week respite.

Scraper and Country Club Mike Texas Shootout 2016

The big man is staying at and DFW Airport Hotel and Convention Center which he dubbed the DFW shit-pit and Crack Center. Had to pay for a background check to get the extended stay rate. Unfortunately, no refunds. According to some online reviews, shit-pit is a compliment.

Louie Paolini has made his first appearance of the season. Looping for Annie Park.

Photobomb of the week (that’s last week) goes to Ralph Scarinzi at the Giants game. Or was it the beer that was photobombed by them both?Danny Sharp and Raplh Scarinzi Giants game photo bomb

The top two scores were reversed on the Monday qualifier. Popson won and Collier finished second. She needed that eagle on the final hole to avoid a playoff. Philly Phil is on Collier’s bag for the week.

The no shagging putts rule by caddies is still in effect. They posted the old rules in the caddie area. That’s good news.

Heard last week’s winner was unaware of the rule regarding building a stance in a bunker. I assume there was not enough evidence to warrant a penalty.

It was another split pro-am today. Nine holes with two different pros. Seemed very disorganized.

Everyone had caddies. Vicki Goetz-Ackerman, President of the LPGA, even looped nine holes this morning.

Heard the LPGA Legends Tour is running short of contestants and is considering lowering the qualifying age to forty.

Callaway Rep. Jeff Opheim is also here this week subbing for Barry Lyda.

What’s the deal with iPhones? I sent the above pic to myself through Danny’s phone and got ten copies. Volunteer Dave could send a text to an Android phone and they would receive it immediately but not another iPhone. Another caddie using Android keeps getting the same text over and over from his buddy’s  iPhone.

Then there was this:

If They Build a Golf Course, Will They Come to Olympics?

Nichols: How paying attention to ‘check writers’ helped save what was a floundering LPGA


3 Responses to Texas Shootout 2016 – Wednesday

  1. Niel Loeb says:

    I was unaware of the rule concerning 14 clubs. I was unaware of the rule concerning stroke and distance for OB. I was unaware of the rule against mulligans. If she claimed to be unaware and the LPGA accepted that, it’s worse than I thought. Oh, and how can there have not been anyone of authority with the leader of the tournament on a Saturday to see it?

  2. lifeontour says:

    I don’t think they considered her being unaware of the rule an excuse. I remember seeing it on TV and thought it was questionable but not clearly a violation. Then again, I’m not a rules official.

    I heard she stated that she was trying to get her foot above the ball. So that in itself says she was building a stance. Again, this is what I heard and probably isn’t the entire story.

    The LPGA only has about 5 officials on site. They cannot monitor the lead group. It’s supposed to be an honorable game.

  3. pcb_duffer says:

    “Building a stance” is abused on the PGA Tour, too. I’ve seen a lot of players take several trips in & out of a bunker, in theory because they kept wanting to take another look at the green / hole. And each time the went in the bunker they dug their feet in a little more, eventually winding up with a nice stable trench to stand in.

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