Texas Shootout 2016 – Round 1

Toured the course to see what’s it like. Not a bad track.

The Stooges have their own tiki bar off the eleventh green.

Three Stooges Texas Shootout 2016

Nice truck display.

Fuzzys truck Texas Shootout 2016

But if you take a closer look.

trust your caddie Texas Shootout 2016

Yueer Cindy Feng (my former employer) has her dad on the bag this week. I wonder, if she misses the cut, will he fire himself? At least he has it easy. She’s using a light carry bag.

The food in the caddie tent is the same as player dining I understand. “Top notch. Top notch.” Isn’t that a line from Caddyshack?

Then there was this:

Golf’s great Olympic divide

Michelle Wie’s latest injury involves a neck brace

Washington paralyzed teen goes from football stardom to spot on golf team


One Response to Texas Shootout 2016 – Round 1

  1. Ozz says:

    Adam Scott has been lambasted by former Australian Olympians for his non-participation in the Rio Olympics. He doesn’t need to attend Rio Olympics to represent Australia, he does that week-in week-out on and off the golf course.

    Olympic Games were originally for amateurs, not professionals. Money talks.

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