Not Exactly The Ritz

May 2, 2016

So I was looking for a cheap place to stay when I arrived yesterday and the Relax Inn looked as if it fit the bill. About half way to Prattville on route 31, it sits next to the only other business around, Rhonda’s Sports Bar. It was cheap and clean enough but when I went back to the office to close the deal, two guys were paying for just an hour. The female in the backseat of their SUV may have had something to do with the short stay. I was out of their in a shot.

Birthday wishes go out to LPGA Club Repairman Paul Boehmer. A greeting party with cake gave him a surprise visit at his trailer.

Was talking to a couple of volunteers about the “new look” on tour. It wasn’t good. Enough said about that.

For the uninitiated, one of the best places to hang out is the caddie tent. Plenty of inside info. Even better when beer is available.

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