Yokohama Classic – Tuesday

B.O.B. is in the house. Working for Amy Hung. 2013 was his last season on tour. Also, Pete Smith is back. Working for Annie Park.

Beth Bader is the first alternate. This field is not exactly the who’s who of the LPGA.

A call for a courtesy car this week went something like this.

I would like a courtesy car please.

Are you a player?

Yes, I’m the defending champion.

OK Catherine, we’ll reserve one for you.

Kris Tamulis is defending.

Smetri Mehra had to WD from the Monday qualifier. Her caddie went down from the heat at the turn and she had to carry her own bag (was allowed by the officials) until a replacement was found. As she lifted the bag, something in her rib cage area went awry and playing the remaining holes was not in the cards. Had to call it a day.

Yokohama Championship 2016 Monday qualifier

The conversation in the caddie tent is escalating to the inane. Reminds of the movie “Barber Shop”. Nothing is off limits.

One Response to Yokohama Classic – Tuesday

  1. ozzy says:

    B O B and Pete Smith are in the house. Did they have to past a fitness test. Have a good week guys.

    I can imagine Simi’s fiery tongue would have been in action, Sorry to hear about her injury.

    Anything on the horizon Larry.

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