All Part Of The Job

Louie ‘Leadbetter’ Paolini working his magic on the range. $200 an hour and he’s all yours.

Louie Leadbetter Paolini Yokahama Classic 2016

They must have updated the caddie dress code when no one was looking. T-shirts, jeans and cargo shorts are part of the garb that will get a caddie a good talking to (or fine) these days. Can someone pleases tell Louie Leadbetter. 🙂 He promised a Walmart shopping spree to comply.

As a transport from Maxwell AFB flew over the other day, Jeff Steffler looked up and quipped “Is that one of ours?” That got a chuckle from the peanut gallery.

How about this for an opening hole. The 1st tee of The Judge Course lies just on the other side of the clubhouse. That’s the Montgomery skyline on the left.

The Judge Course Yokahama Classic 2016

One Response to All Part Of The Job

  1. John says:

    The Judge course is quite beautiful, it’s too bad it’s so difficult to get all the ops gear down there.

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