Slummin’ In Charlotte

May 13, 2016

Suzy Whaley is looping for her daughter Kelly this week at the Symetra event in Charlotte. Raintree Country Club, one of the hilliest tracks on the Symetra Tour, is not the place to break in your caddie legs. To Suzy’s credit, she offered to go around again in the afternoon for a friend if needed. Kelly received an exemption given she is a Tar Heel favorite.

Suzy Whaley and daughter Kelly 2016 Charlotte Symetra Tour

Billy Prentice is working for Kendall Dye and got to play along with his pro-am group on Wednesday. They were two players short and permission was given to join in. Finished –15.

“Chocolate Chip” (or “Lemon Drop”, if you prefer) Wall is on Kristy McPherson’s sack this week. Chad is also here looping for Silvia Cavalleri.

JiSoo Park was +16 with three to play. Mercifully WD’d.

Then there was this:

2016 recipient of ANNIKA Award Presented by 3M to receive Evian Championship exemption

PGA Tour, LPGA partner with Topgolf with one goal in mind: grow the game

The Rochester woman who changed golf

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