Were There’s a Will…

Former LPGA pro Maggie Will was in the house on Tuesday gleaning interviews for her new website and business, will2golf.com. It’s a portal to everything junior golf that she’s been working on for a year. Frustrated with the hodgepodge of junior golf venues and disinformation regarding scholarship information, Maggie decided to get it right and have it all in one place, The site will go online within a couple of weeks.

Interviews were not limited to players. Caddie Thomas Frank (aka Motion) prepares to share his knowledge for posterity.

Maggie Will and Motion 2016 Kingsmill Championship

I thought I spotted “The Undertaker” today heading for the range with her light carry bag. I wonder what they were giving away? 🙂

It was a real cluster-buck at the entrance to the course. No separate line for credential holders and the ticket scanner went down. Made it in before the bus emptied.

Kingsmill 2016 entrance

Then there was this:

Free admission for June’s Four Winds Invitational at Blackthorn

Muirfield golf club votes against allowing women to join as members

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