Kingsmill Championship 2016

May 21, 2016

Paul Pope usually handles scoreboard duties here and does excellent work as always but he had another commitment and is absent. An electronic substitute was put in play to compensate but falls woefully short at providing quick and comprehensive access to what’s happening.

Here’s Volunteer Dave working the self-serve scoreboard. You have to go underneath to access the scroll bar which no one knows. What a pathetic substitute.

Dave isn’t officially working this week but still is helping out.

Dave Hamada at scoreboard Kingsmill 2016

I can’t believe this week was the first time I paid a visit to the Sportsman’s Grille. Besides a great menu and happy hour, they have an entire room devoted to pictures of LPGA players and caddies along with a plethora of memorabilia.  Here are just a few choice photos.

Donna and Greg Sportsmans Grille picture

Country Club_Motrocycle_Jody Keepers Sportsmans Grille pictures

Rick Kropf Sportsmans Grille picture

Tommy Thorpe Sportmans Grille

I see the LPGA Stage 3 finals is still scheduled for the first week of December as always. I guess the announcement of the week long Ferrari World Finals, held at the Daytona Speedway the same time, had no influence on a date change. Must not have been an alternative.

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