Volvik Championship – Saturday

There were seven WD’s this week. One with a reoccurring thumb injury, another with a rib problem but the most interesting was due to an attack of bed bugs after the first round. The others are a mystery.

Rick Wynn’s hat request arrived this week. Wonder who’s his pick for POTUS?

Rick Wynn with Trump hat

Driving up here took toll on my windshield. Some errant debris put a large crack in the lower right hand corner. Took it to Safelite today and it was replaced within an hour. The best part, it was no charge due to a provision in my coverage. 🙂

winshield repair 2016

Matt Gelczis and Dave Poitevent hosted a caddied get-together at the Lamppost Inn motel yesterday evening. Paul Martinez manned the grill dishing out dogs and burgers and plenty of cold beer was on hand of course. The Shiner Bock was especially tasty.

The Lamppost is eerily similar to the Dorkat in Rochester which is good and bad. 🙂

Here’s an interesting concept in promotion and advertising. A truck with an illuminated side panel that changes like a scoreboard. Very cool.

Ad truck Volvik Championship 2016


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