Qualifier From Hell

For the last two days, I worked for Fiona Puyo in an unsuccessful effort to qualify for the ShopRite Classic.

Yesterday we managed to get in four holes in a steady rain before play was suspended at 3:30 as the greens became unplayable . Three hours later we continued and played till dark. Our group managed to get in nine holes which made it easy for resumption this morning at 7:00.

Not so fast Bunky! A thick shroud of fog put the kybosh on that plan. We waited another two hours before it was safe to play. It wasn’t until 11:00 that our day was done. Shot +5.

After the final group exited the 18th green and the scores were totaled, there was still more golf remaining. Five players were tied for one spot and they continued in a playoff.

ShopRite 2106 qualifiers

We played with Sara Detlesfen who shot 84 but she still gets to participate in the event. Her sister won the playoff and she’ll be on the bag.

The gnats are especially tenacious this week. When we finished at dusk yesterday, they were out with unparalleled ferocity.

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