ShopRite Classic 2016 – Pro-Am Thursday

June 2, 2016

My player is Jean Bartholomew.

As expected, the field has gone deep into the alternate list. Picked up Jean Monday afternoon. After adding a new Callaway driver to the bag, we caught up with Laticia Beck and Lisa Ferraro on the fourth tee for a little practice. We all packed it in after nine.

Our pro-am for today was at the Seaview Pines course which has a bit of history itself.

Sam Snead sign Seaview Pines Course

Afterwards we alternated from 1-3 for the Bay Course.

Turns out the 5th time around isn’t a charm. The caddie/player team of Rick Wynn and Jenifer Johnson have split once more. Rick is with Maria McBride this week.

Speaking of player/caddie duos, how about this week’s combination of Kim Williams and Motorcycle Jim.

Kim Williams and Motorcycle Jim ShopRite Classic 2016

This is the second consecutive week Symetra Tour player Britney Hamilton is looping for Daniela Iacobelli.

Tom Borwick worked the Open qualifier at Canoe Brook and gave a good example of the unpredictability a local caddie may bring to a competition. To Tom’s surprise (well, maybe not), a looper in his group pulled out a laser on the first hole to shoot the yardage. Tom notified an official who was witness to him doing it again. Add two.

Here are the open qualifiers so far.

Every pro-am group has one local caddie to take of business but one didn’t exactly impress the pro yesterday. She filed a complaint for rude behavior and he was not allowed to work today. He denies her accusation but they didn’t even get his side. Seems a player’s word is taken as fact when a caddie is concerned.

Then there was this:

To Play or Not to Play Leading Up to a Major

Spelling Bee champ misspells LPGA Tour player’s name, doesn’t want to spell anymore

2017 Women’s Australian Open dates confirmed

Vijay Singh Accuses PGA Tour of ‘Absurd’ and ‘Unfair’ Treatment

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