ShopRite Classic 2016 – Rounds 1 and 2

June 4, 2016

My player is Jean Batholomew.

It was feast or famine in our opening round. Lit it up with seven birdies but put only four pars on the card. Shot +1. Most birdies I’m seen in a very long time.

Today it was famine on an Ethiopian scale. Only one birdie. Shot +8.

Jean will be off to the KPMG at Sahalee next week but I’ll be heading for the place of my birth and home of the Republican Convention, Cleveland OH.

The number thirteen is Jean’s favorite and decorated the jersey she used while playing basketball. No such garb in golf but she carries the tradition onto the course in a different fashion.

Jean Batholomew number 13 ball

The number she doesn’t use is three. Saves those pellets for practice rounds.

Jaclyn Jansen was in the group behind us yesterday and added a few holes to her career highlight reel. She made two on the par five third and the same number on the fourteenth, a par four.

On second thought, that caddie who was denied working the Thursday pro-am deserved it. In his own words, he spit on a green, was drinking alcohol with the amateurs, hit a few putts and chips and was fighting for green-reading dominance with the pro in an effort to enhance his gratuity. Typical club caddie who can’t adjust to a professional level.

On a course peppered with fescue such as Seaview, we need all the help we can get from the volunteers to find errant shots but can do without comments like the following.

Yesterday, a player was combing the hay for her ball and asked a volunteer if he’d seen it. Pointing to a spot at his feet he said “Here it is. You’re f*cked!”

Good eats in player dining. Yesterday was all Korean food day for the main entrees and salads. A side table with pizza and sandwiches was a welcomed alternative for many.

Then there was this:

Olympic Golf FAQ: Everything you need to know about The Games in Rio

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