“The Pinger” As My Copilot

Haven’t had a copilot in my travels in quite a while but I made an exception this trip. A former bag of mine, Yu Ping Lin, had a birthday on the fourth and I sent her congratulatory wishes via Facebook. Yesterday I received a reply on my phone through an active Facebook chat head. Instead of dragging it into oblivion, I kept it on the screen for company.

All roads lead to Yu Ping’s head.


She was even checking the weather for me.


Filled up in Absecon and noticed the excellent gas mileage I was getting on the way so I decided to try and make it to the Ohio border before a refill. The low fuel warning light shone brightly with thirty miles to go so I pushed on and made it easily. 448 miles on a tank is one of my best. Figured I had a gallon to spare. 🙂 Saved fifteen cents a gallon so I got that goin’ for me.

Then there was this:

How Don Alhart helped Wegmans save LPGA in Rochester

Golf|Natalie Gulbis’s Motivation Turns to Motherhood


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