Back To My Childhood

June 9, 2016

Whenever I’m in the Cleveland area, I always revisit my old neighborhood to assess the changes and relive childhood memories. 794 Crawford Ct. was the address at which I resided as a youth and it has gone through an abrupt change thanks to gentrification.


Google Street View 2011.

Gratefully, the dilapidated structure was been razed (I think) and replaced with an eerily similar but modern abode.

794 Crawford Court back

It was a short walk to school for me. St. John Cantius elementary and high school were adjacent and I attended both.

Both bodies of education no longer exist as Catholic institutions even though the buildings remain firmly entrenched but they have been repurposed. They are are now the Northeast Ohio College Preparatory School.

St. John Cantius elementary ffront

St. John Cantius Elementary

Just a couple more memories and let you get back to your Twitter feed.

I remember watching The Everly Brothers perform in front of the Lincoln Bank on Professor Ave. They were unknown at the time and drew a very small crowd.

Lincoln Bank on Professor front

The bank was at the same corner (below) I dutifully performed my assigned tasks of crossing guard after school.

crossing gaurd corner Literary and Professor

The corner of Professor and Literary

Our neighborhood was not far from downtown but not easily accessible. I remember having to walk home one day late at night after work. It was a seasonal job at a department store and the busses had stopped running. Even then it was kind of scary. I set a fast pace and was always looking over my shoulder.

Cleveland skyline

Here’s the last one. Are you old enough to remember when a visit to the doctor was a neighborhood affair? I do. Our GP was Dr. Peters and his office was just around the corner. The building remains but like most, has been transformed. It is now a restaurant/drinking establishment called Barrio.

Dr, Peters building

Sorry, I lied. This is really the last one. 🙂 Before the days of fast food and microwaves, families actually cooked their own food. Usually, we stocked up on groceries which lasted most of the week. Every Saturday, our mom would take us to a place full of tantalizing aromas and tasty wonderment. It was the West Side Market.

It is a cornucopia of delights from sweets to meats and everything in between. I stopped in and purchased a few items but it is the unique ambiance that remains special to me.

West Side Market fruit

Now I’m done. Honest Injun. Oops! I hope this inspires you to visit your home town one day and the memories that flood in are happy ones.

BTW, happy birthday to me. 🙂

Then there was this:

Lorie Kane’s summer trip to Calgary will include Canadian Golf Hall of Fame induction ceremony

Penalty costs young player spot in U.S. Open“I said, ‘You can’t do that … You can’t tap down pitch marks behind the ball,’” Wilkinson said. “He said, ‘No, I didn’t,’ and I said, ‘Yes, you did … I just watched you do it.’

Thankfully, the rules official believed Wilkinson. The constant denial of such blatant behavior happens way too often especially on the LPGA Tour.

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