Island Resort Championship 2016 – Wednesday

My player is Maddie Sheils.

In the afternoon pro-am today so I’ll post this early.

I’m staying with Tom Borwick for the second week in a row. We departed South Bend on Sunday and overnighted in Racine Wisconsin to take in The Open and NBA finals. In the morning, Tom went straight to Harris but I took a different path.

The route went through Green Bay and Lambeau Field was calling so I stopped in and took the tour. After some team history by our tour guide, we visited one of the luxury boxes and went down to the field. Newly drafted Green Bay quarterback Brett Hundley was in our group which made it extra special.

Lambeu me on field

Lambeau Larry cheesehead

Click here for all the photos on Facebook.

We’re staying at the Island Resort Casino Hotel this week which is adjacent to the Sweetgrass Golf Course. Expensive but worth it. No driving and you can roll out of bed and go right to work if you have to. We get a $5 drink credit along with another $5 for food each day so it cuts the final bill considerably.

We also get $5 off a spa treatment but they didn’t have those fish that eat the dead skin off your feet so I passed.

We’re in room 4758 which is not on the fourth floor. It’s on the seventh. Go figure. We had to go back to the lobby to find out.

When we applied for our Player’s Card, they noticed my birthday was this month and was given a very nifty resort coffee mug. Coffee is on the house all day so it’ll get plenty of use.

Walked the Monday and it’s in great shape. Nice to have a good yardage book to work with. Last week’s was deplorable. I heard they wouldn’t let anyone do a book. They just copied one from years past.

Behind the thirteenth green lies an unusually large block of wood devoid of life. The eagle sculpture is impressive also. 🙂

Tom Borwick with eagle scupture Sawgrass Golf Course Island Resort CHampionship

You never know what you may run in to when communing with nature but when faced with adversity, it’s fight or flight. I decided on the former.

Larry and wolf Sawgrass Golf Course

If it was real, cooler heads might have prevailed.

Then there was this:

The USGA releases statement regarding its controversial Dustin Johnson ruling


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