Tullymore Classic 2016 – Wednesday

My player is Madeleine Sheils.

Just a couple hours of practice today. Pro-am tomorrow.

Touched them all yesterday. They lengthened the course considerably from last year.

Yu Ping Lin has been looping for one of her protégés, Ziqi Ye (aka Leafy). I call her “The Sneeze” as her name pronounced in Chinese reminds me of one. They joined us on the fourth hole for the rest of the front nine.

Yu Ping Lin and Ziqi Ye aka Leafy

Maddie has added “Spuddy Buddy” to the bag replacing her generic three wood cover. Took me all of a half a hole to loose the little bastard. Had to go back and get it. I blame it on a loose sphincter. His, not mine.

Spuddy Buddy


Instead of the mundane practice round that is all too familiar, I decided to spice it up with a few wagers. I won $5 but lost a medium hazelnut latte. Instead of calling it a wash, we have to pay up. More satisfying that way.

That eighteenth hole is a par five unreachable by most due to two large trees blocking the second shot line. I gave Maddie a chance to get the five back she was down by making eagle from the front tee.

She only had 175 yards to a back pin but off a hook lie, had to go left of the trees and it was all carry. She called a cut shot with a hybrid instead of trying to hook it fifty yards. With that lie, I figured no way but I’ll be darned she pulled it off. Could have been one of the better shots I’ve seen but I was saved relinquishing her debt as the putt slid bye.


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