Tullymore Classic – Round 2

July 2, 2016

My player is Madeleine Sheils.

Another round of one under.

Yu Liu is in the lead with “The Dominator” on the bag.

Bully is residing at the Morley Motel, an establishment named after  the bustling metropolis of which it resides. Yesterday, as always, he rises early and opens the door to great the morning but what he saw made him shiver. Standing in he middle of the road was a toddler donned in nothing but a diaper. Before he could dress and go to the rescue, a lady motorist beat him to it. She took the child into her car and used a blanket for warmth.

The police were called and found that the child came out of the room two doors down from Bully’s. The rest of the story remains unknown.


The Morley Motel

Then there was this:

Suzy Green-Roebuck becomes oldest Michigan Women’s Open winner

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