Everyone Is Here, Or So It Seems

July 18, 2016

My Player is Madeleine Sheils.

Many LPGA regular loopers are caught in the mid-season doldrums – with The International Crown this week and Olympics coming up – and have decided to make an appearance here in Battle Creek Some have work and others are looking. Walked the course this morning and ran into a few. Jeff deCoen is a fixture out here but Upstate Jay and Philly Phil bounce in and out.

I also spotted Country Club Mike, Rubble and Greg Sheridan. I’m sure they’ll be more.

Here is a partial caddie/player lineup. Jay is looping for Jordan Ontiveros, Jeff for Heather Angell, Phil for Carlie Yadloczky and Greg for Amy Anderson.

Jeff deCoen_Upstae Jay_Philly Phil Battlecreek MI

Upstate gave us a lesson in identifying a White Oak by the configuration of its leafs of which I have forgotten already

Upstate Jay descibing the leaf on a white oak Battlecreek MI

BTW, Jay says greens superintendents love Pin Oaks. They grow up, not out like other oaks.

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