Everyone Is Here, Or So It Seems

My Player is Madeleine Sheils.

Many LPGA regular loopers are caught in the mid-season doldrums – with The International Crown this week and Olympics coming up – and have decided to make an appearance here in Battle Creek Some have work and others are looking. Walked the course this morning and ran into a few. Jeff deCoen is a fixture out here but Upstate Jay and Philly Phil bounce in and out.

I also spotted Country Club Mike, Rubble and Greg Sheridan. I’m sure they’ll be more.

Here is a partial caddie/player lineup. Jay is looping for Jordan Ontiveros, Jeff for Heather Angell, Phil for Carlie Yadloczky and Greg for Amy Anderson.

Jeff deCoen_Upstae Jay_Philly Phil Battlecreek MI

Upstate gave us a lesson in identifying a White Oak by the configuration of its leafs of which I have forgotten already

Upstate Jay descibing the leaf on a white oak Battlecreek MI

BTW, Jay says greens superintendents love Pin Oaks. They grow up, not out like other oaks.

One Response to Everyone Is Here, Or So It Seems

  1. markwmscott says:

    Hey Larry.  Say HELLO to all the boys for me…

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