Time To Veg Out and Pay Out

I’m staying with Tom Borwick in the Kansas City area during the week off. He’s looping for Kyoung-Hoon Lee in the Web.com event down the road at The Nicklaus Golf Club at Lionsgate. I was offered a job but declined. May play spectator though.

A.C. asked for some balls to putt with the other day and her being a native of Quebec, I decided to use my limited knowledge of the French language. “Deux?” I asked. With a smile on her face, she replied “Qui monsieur.”

Picture in the men’s room at Staley Farms. What’s a suit?

play golf free picture

My parking brake hasn’t been working lately so I took my ride to Meineke next door to our hotel. Worn and scored rear drums, scored shoes, leaking wheel cylinders and brake fluid flush gobbled up last week’s paycheck and that was going the cheaper route. The first quote was $200 more. There is a Firestone next door also but you can add $$$ for that option. Easy come, easier go I guess. At least I could wait out the 2-3 hours it took for the repairs at the motel. Haven’t had brake work done in years so it was probably time.

Did I get ripped-off? Maybe, but when you’re on the road, choices are limited and the convenience couldn’t be beat. A good and honest local mechanic ranks up there with a good doctor.

Then there was this:

Doolan leads first day of Ohio Women’s Open

Groundhog Killed by Golf Cart During Police Golf Tournament

Ottawa Hunt and Golf Club plans special Olympic sendoff for Henderson sisters


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