Decatur-Forsyth Classic 2016 – Wednesday

My player is Madeleine Sheils.

Madeleine has switched to early practice rounds. My time of day. No playing today though.  Put in three, non-stop hours of practice instead.

We played with Lauren Doughtie yesterday and the back nine turned into a match. Maddie was getting shellacked early but came back strong with three birdies in the last five holes which included one from downtown on seventeen with Lauren laying three feet for her bird. At the end, the match finished in a tie or as Maddie put it, “It was a heck of a pillow fight.”

We were waiting for our players to arrive this morning when Nicole Jeray pulled in with a car load of officials on her tail. As soon as she parked, they alerted Nicole that a cell phone was sitting on the roof. It was hers of course. Luckily, the trip in was only a mile but one quick turn and it would have been gone.

All were invited (even caddies) for food and drink at the clubhouse yesterday evening to start this week’s festivities. Caddies also receive lunch this week starting Friday, which is nice.

This event has been plagued with torrential rain the last two years and the lowest hole on the course, number six a par five, always floods and becomes unplayable. As a contingency, they cut a tee left of the trees in the layup area and will make it a par three if need be.

Then there was this:

Son of golf legend Dawn Coe Jones makes his mark in Ottawa

Charles Barkley: ‘The only thing good about golf is drinking and smoking’


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