Another Has Fallen

Jamie Estill, former LPGA caddie and brother of LPGA pro Michelle Estill, has passed according to a post on Facebook. Here’s an article from 1998 on him in the Reading Eagle.

On Saturday, I heard a player hit a bird in flight and asked for a ruling. The official gave her the option to replay the shot. That was incorrect but she didn’t have to. Just knocked off a few feathers and didn’t hurt (the distance that is).

Peiyun (Money) Chien had 150 to the pin into the wind on the eighteenth hole Saturday with a flyer lie and chose a seven iron. But when you generate the club head speed she does, it can go much farther than anticipated. This was one of those times. The ball airmailed the green and landed in the grandstand. At first it could not be found but eventfully it was. Lying in the trash can it was.

More rain for Decatur today. One to two inches expected. Finally timed one right.

‘Squat toilets’ installed for employees at the Australian Tax Office because immigrant workers ‘made a mess’ by STANDING on the western ones – Reminds me of the time “someone” took a dump in the urinal in one of the porta potties in Toledo. I guess the cover was down on the toilet and they couldn’t figure it out.

Then there was this:

Despite a strong tournament, Olympic golf likely will leave no lasting effect to grow the game


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