PHC Classic 2016 – Tuesday

My player is Madeleine Sheils.

Arrived early and touched them all by noon.

Staying at the Motel 6 in Glendale WI. It’s a great area and the Bayshore Town Center is only a block away. It’s an upscale indoor/outdoor market place with eateries and shopping to satisfy anyone’s taste but our temporary abode is a real dive. It’s in the process of renovation but it reminds of the Motel 6 I stayed at in Rochester. Many of the denizens are long term and loiter out front. Trash litters the grounds and the police have visited two days in a row. Yesterday, the clothes rack came off the wall as we were hanging our stuff. It wasn’t screwed into the studs. The price is right though so It’ll have to do.

One shining light is the Boston Market across the street. Been there twice so far.

Last Saturday, an ice cream truck showed up at the course and the temptation was too hard to resist for one rules official. She was seen giving a ruling with cone in hand.

Next week is 1st Stage LPGA Qualifying in Rancho Miarage CA. The field is over 300 and they’re using three courses instead of the usual two. AT $2500 a pop, that’s a healthy piece of change.


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