508 Miles Later

As of Sunday, my plans on where to spend the off week was still up in the air but by the next morning it was clear. I decided to head to Sioux Falls, the location of our next event.

The drive was uneventful but a strong southerly wind had me fighting the steering wheel all the way to keep it in the fairway. Finding a reasonably priced room was another story though, given the prices I found online, but I pulled the trigger on a Priceline room (all from the seat of my car through their mobile app) and got the Microtel for about half price.

My assigned room was about as small as one can get, which was fine, on the first floor and adjacent to the breakfast area (close to the coffee is good) but the A/C compressor never stayed on long enough to put dent into the residual effects of the 90° outside temperature. After a modest complaint, I was moved upstairs to a much bigger room to much more livable accommodations. I’m happy except for the internet. It sucks.

My nightmare at the Motel 6 went on the the final day. I had to pay cash for Sunday because their computers were down and never given a receipt. I asked for one on check-out but the desk clerk was totally clueless. Couldn’t find any record of my payment and she refused to give me anything in writing. All they had to do is go across the street to Walgreen’s and get a receipt book when this mess started but I guess that logic was beyond their comprehension.

Then there was this:

Fight erupts over slow play during round of golf, one stabbed and hospitalized  – That’ll speed things up. 🙂

Trish Johnson Defeats Juli Inkster In Six-Hole Playoff At Legends Championship


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