GREATLIFE Challenge 2016 – Tuesday

My player is Madeleine Sheils.

Played the back yesterday and the front today. With plenty of short game work in between.

So I get a text from Maddie this morning asking to bring her a hot, medium, soy, hazelnut latte in exchange for the phone case she ordered for me through Amazon. I bring the coffee, she pays for the case so of course, I went for it.

I stopped at the Panera Bread close to the course but they didn’t have soy milk. Noticed there was a Starbucks close so I headed there. Unfortunately, it was in a Target which was closed so back to the Panera I went.

I placed the order but they didn’t have hazelnut and the lady behind the counter could see the frustration on my face. So I go outside and give Maddie a call. We’ve been communicating by text and it was becoming cumbersome. Better to get things straight with a phone call. Given the choices, Maddie settled for vanilla instead.

I go in for the third time and placed the following order. “I’ll take a hot, medium, vanilla latte and a razor blade to slit my wrists.” She got a chuckle out of that and probably the most unusual order ever.

But I wasn’t through. Upon pickup, whipped cream was an option and was told it was pretty much standard. Of course, I took it.

$5.10 later, I leave and within a few minutes, Maddie had the concoction in her hand. After all that, I made sure she drank the last drop which didn’t seem to be a problem. She likes her lattes.

There was a Monday morning pro-am and complimentary breakfast for the participants was coffee and some of the largest, gooiest donuts on the planet. Funny, given that GREATLIFE is all about golf and fitness. 🙂

Maddie drove up from Omaha on Monday in a garishly blue Hyundai Accent rental and will have it all week. She’s christened it “The Blueberry”.

The Blueberry

Times are tough out here on the Symetra Tour. Golf balls are at a premium which Fiona Puyo’s looper found out on the eighteenth hole. Now that’s going above and beyond.

Don’t get any ideas Madeleine. 🙂

Fiona caddie retrieving balls

This week’s digs is a newly remodeled Super 8 with one of the better hot breakfasts I’ve experienced for such a moderate motel. I felt my two week run of bad luck regarding living quarters was over until 2 AM this morning. That’s when the low battery warning on the smoke alarm started chirping. 😦

Eyed this plate yesterday. Just 49 cents short of fame and fortune.


Then there was this:

The ‘Beau Hossler Rule’ is one step closer to becoming a reality in men’s college golf


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