Another 550 Miles Under My Belt

September 5, 2016

What a drive to Garden City. Saw so much effing corn and that was just a fraction of what we produce. Ate one ear for the cause at Popeye’s for dinner. Good eats but too many rowdy kids. Parents let them use the furnishings as if it was a Jungle Jim.

Lunch was another thing altogether. I stopped at McDonald’s in Holdrege Nebraska and order breakfast at around noon. Big mistake. It took forever and the hash browns were left over from the morning. I guess the idea of all day breakfast hasn’t caught on in small town America. Live and learn.

Yesterday was the anniversary of the passing of Jeff Jones (aka Shadow). Click here for his tribute page and leave a message if you wish.

According to a post on Facebook, LPGA caddie Greg Sheridan is battling “The Big C”. Send some prayers his way if you can.

America’s Best Value Inn is our abode for the next two weeks. Nice room, good location and a decent rate but flies camp outside the door and follow us in. Had one in my car driving down. Rather annoying to say the least. I think it’s still in there.

My roommate had a row of shirts hanging neatly on the clothes rack before leaving yesterday. Unfortunately, they were still there when he arrived in Garden City. He thought his bag was a little light but could not connect the dots. But all was not lost. He managed to contact a player that wasn’t driving down until this morning and she’s bringing them.

Looks like it’s going to be a hot week but relief during week two is expected.

I walked the Buffalo Dunes Course this morning. Wind gusting to 30 mph. Not much play. Players were allowed to take buggies which caused confusion among the ranks. That isn’t usually permitted but today was not an official practice round so it was OK.

Maddie said my phone case arrived so I got that goin’ for me. What I haven’t got goin’ for me is the scratchy throat I woke up with. I’ll try to shake it off with vitamins, exercise and a special elixir. 🙂

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