Garden City Classic 2016 – Pro-Am

September 7, 2016

My player is Madeleine Sheils.

We were in the morning wave which was nice and only three amateurs which made it even nicer.

Had lunch with Maddie and a few other players at Traditions. It’s diner with 50s and 60s music and sandwiches named The Big Bopper and The Chubby Checker. Of course, fountain delights like chocolate malteds and root beer floats dot the menu.

“F**k these Kansas winds!” That’s what one player heard over the speaker as her flight had a harrowing landing in Garden City. I’m sure many players will be saying the same thing before the week is over. 🙂

One of the trucks hauling the tour’s equipment broke down just west of Lincoln Nebraska. Took six hours to get a replacement and transfer everything. That had to be fun.

A player staying at our motel decided to hitch a ride to the course yesterday instead of taking her Mercedes. Bad choice. The guy next door to us backed into it and didn’t notice (oh really?). Good thing for security cameras. They had it all. It was just the rear taillight so he wrote a check to cover the damage.

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