I’ve Got The Word Out

September 12, 2016

Got two possibilities of a bag through the caddie grapevine. We’ll see what happens.

Given the last minute change of venues, there’s public play at Buffalo Dunes the next two days and the time Symetra players are allowed on the course is limited. In fact, there was a high school tournament this afternoon.

One of the teams was from Liberal Kansas about seventy miles away. They pulled up towing a trailer and I was surprised to see what their team name was.

You don’t see these two words together much, do you?

Liberal Redskins

Spotted this slippery booby-trap last week. Wonder if anyone “fell” for it? 🙂

bannana peel in cart

The weather is going to take a turn starting tomorrow. A cold front is moving in so hot and windy will change to to cold, rainy and windy. Time to break out the woolies. 😦

Then there was this:

A war with the Defense Department over a hidden Washington golf course

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