The Road To Nowhere?

Yesterday, our stint in the Western Kansas Correctional Facility for Wayward Loopers (also know as Garden City) came to a a merciful end. Two weeks there was like doing time, I assume. 🙂

But the boredom is far from over. With another week off (and maybe two if I don’t get a bag for El Darado) my roommate Tom and I had a choice to make. So he headed west to California and I east. I got as far as Oklahoma City and will be here for a while. Maybe a good time to check out what’s up at the movies.

I’m holed up on the southeast side of town down the road from Tinker Air force Base. Good room, OK TV but spotty internet. I wound up paying the extra $20 for the “premium” service but it still sucks. The good thing is, the charge hasn’t gone through and I’m not complaining unless it does.

The view on the way to Dodge, not getting out of it. 🙂

road to Dodge

Ever since I had that brake work done at Meineke in Lenexa KS, the pedal didn’t seem right. Too soft at times and had to pump it every so often. Took it to one of their local franchises to have it checked and the diagnosis seemed ludicrous. The tech didn’t think that what was in the reservoir was brake fluid. Smelled like Windex to him! No way could someone make that mistake. They flushed it again for free of course. My take is that there was air trapped in the lines.

Then there was this:

Four-stroke penalty leaves Nanna Koerstz Madsen on wrong side of Evian cutline – Didn’t know they changed the rule from a DQ to two strokes. Good move. Also, I don’t understand why an infraction of the rules isn’t called on the spot but deferred to a later time. See something, say something.


4 Responses to The Road To Nowhere?

  1. Tom Grogan says:

    Of course we have one Infamous Looper in the penitentiary in Tulsa if you have nothing but time I think the people reading your post may find that story interesting crazy crazy crazy I would talk to him and I knew he was homeless and would sleep in houses under construction in Rochester one time didn’t he open up his own parking lot in Rochester as they say in Alcoholics Anonymous some of us are sicker than others
    By the way old time fans of the LPGA please say a prayer for Greg Sheridan he’s fighting cancer and also to rothenburg who’s got some kidney problems what you’ll remember who these guys are

  2. pcb_duffer says:

    [snip] See something, say something. [snip]

    In your opinion, should the caddie who saw something have spoken directly to the player at fault, or should he have told his boss lady so that she could speak up. Not speaking up until after the card has been signed, when there was an opportunity to do so, seems really bogus to me.

  3. BuckeyeinOK says:

    Enjoy your time in our fair city. Sorry it is so stinking hot. Check out the vast variety of fried foods at the OK State Fair or the bars and restaurants in Bricktown. There is also a women’s collegiate golf tournament at Belmar Golf Club in north Norman this weekend.

  4. A Melchor says:

    From a local, enjoy OKC. Not sure what your tastes are but visit the midtown area, lots of interesting food places, many not too expensive. Uptown is also nice as well as the paseo district. Today in the plaza district there is a fesitival as well.

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