We’re Toast!

The Symetra even this week has been officially canceled. I’m hunkering down here at the Extended Stay along with other caddies and players. Some have decided to head Tampa way.

I was in the lobby this morning watching the mass exodus but the funny thing is, those folks are being replaced with coastal evacuees. The place is sold out.

Would be nice if this week’s sponsor would bump up next week’s purse but don’t hold your breath.

Then there was this:

Playing golf can add five years to your life, according to researchers

Rose out for two months for ‘rest and recovery’

China golf out of the rough? PGA, club maker Honma bet on post-Olympic boo…

Desert nation of Turkmenistan announces its golf dreams

Lithium battery-powered hand warmers were a hit with hot-handed Patrick Reed, US at Ryder Cup


2 Responses to We’re Toast!

  1. Rubble says:

    The thing is Tampa wont be any bargain either…What can be any stronger than a cement block hotel with generators…Lets sleep right through this and hope Daytona can pump out the bunkers, mow the greens and we can have a Tour Championship…Wishing all the coastal communities the best.

  2. I hope LPGA Int and Daytona Beach skate through the storm ok for next week. Might be a consideration the way the weather people are talking.

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