Finally Caught Some Breaks

After one last look at the forecast for Orlando, I decided to take up my buddy Rick’s offer to stay at his place in Tampa. I left yesterday around three but traffic was a mess and didn’t get in until dinner.

The timing was just right. I met Rick, Philly Phil and the parents of former LPGA pro Tara Fleming at Vallarta’s Mexican Restaurant for food, drink and simulating conversation. It was a perfect evening and the guacamole was spectacular.

The other break I caught was concerning my brakes. It wasn’t the master cylinder after all. The adjusters on the rear brakes were way out of whack which caused the problem. As explained to me, there is a proportional valve that sends fluid to the rear first and if not adjusted correctly, prevents the front from engaging. This is done so the car doesn’t nose dive when breaking. That’s why I had to pump them. All fixed now and working great. No cost to me. Took it back to Meineke. That’s why I use a national chain on the road.

This morning, Rick and I tackled the jungle growing in his backyard. When you live in Florida, it doesn’t take long for Mother Nature to reclaim what man has disturbed. The exponential growth overtook the landscape but we put a dent in it. Much more to go.

Then there was this:

Golfer Angela Stanford’s special retreat


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