Good Move On The Move

Due to the uncertainty of of the Daytona situation, the Symetra Tour Championship will be held at Alaqua CC in Longwood. That’s the course we were supposed to play this week. No pro-am and the purse remains at $200,000.

That was the good news. The bad news is I prepaid my Airbnb reservation in Deland. May work out though. If it’s decent, I’ll book it for finals. After checking, the drive time is only ten more minutes longer. Not bad.

Maddie headed for Venice, home of 2nd Stage. She played one course yesterday and the other today. Good thinking boss.

Rick’s backyard clean up has progressed nicely. About half finished. Going to spray Roundup on the other half for a scientific comparison.

After manual labor removal, it looks pretty good. The beer afterward hit the spot even though it was 10:30 in the AM. 🙂

Rick's backyard weeded

This is area is targeted for Roundup.

Rick's backyard with weeds

Somehow a turtle found a home in Rick’s pool (which will eventually be filled in) but the chances of him leaving was slim and none. No way could he climb out given the water level. So Rick fished the creature out with the pool skimmer and set him gently over the fence. Last seen walking down the sidewalk heading south.


2 Responses to Good Move On The Move

  1. JIM PETERSEN says:

    Just wanted to know if there is any more information
    with Craig, Ruth and I are just wandering.
    Thank You Jim

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