Symetra Tour Championship 2016 – Tuesday

My player is Madeleine Sheils.

Played the front and called it a day.

No play was allowed till after 12 and only off the first tee. Take a number ladies.

1st tee at Alaqua

Annika was in the house. Made some kind of presentation and took photos with Madelene Sagstrom.

Annika and Madelene Sagstrom

My first take of my Airbnb booking in Deland thought I made a double bogey. The advertised “studio” is just a 12×15 bedroom with a fridge but it does have some pluses. Private entrance, very comphy bed, remote controlled AC and good shower. Doesn’t have a TV but I brought my own from Tampa and the OTA antenna gets plenty of channels.

There is something odd though. The AT&T internet service refuses to connect to The Drudge Report website. Keeps getting a “404 – not found” error. Must be a liberal conspiracy.

Went over and checked Louie’s hose. A tree came down buck it was off his property. His house is behind the big tree.

Louie's fallen tree

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