2nd Stage 2016 – Tuesday

My player is Madeleine Sheils.

Played the front on the Panther this afternoon. Had the entire nine to ourselves.

Walked the front this morning and ran into two caddies charting the greens. They forgot to bring tees so used every piece of paraphernalia they had with them.

Plenty of one time caddies this week. One notable is Peiyn Chien (aka Money). She finished 10th on the money list and has her tour card. She’s looping for Yu Liu.

Walked the Panther Course yesterday then played the back nine with Emma Jandel with B-Funk on the bag. He also worked for her here last year.

Ran into Bully and his player, Kim Welch, while walking the back nine. I started telling caddie stories and had her rolling. Touched on Flipper, Joanne Carner, porta-potties, God’s answer on making the cut and a few other things. Forgot about our most infamous caddie doing life for a double homicide but I’ll save that for another time.

I’m staying in this VRBO condo on the fifth hole of the Bobcat Course between the fairway bunker and the green. Roommates are Scraper and Mike Carrick who are looping for Anne Lise Caudal and Ying Luo.

This could be one of my finest housing finds ever. Walking distance to the clubhouse if need be, plenty of room and all the amenities one needs. Ill be sitting on the balcony watching the stress free  play go by. 🙂

Could be one of the all time FUBAR travel fiascoes with the LPGA trying to get players and caddies to China this week. The charter flight was canceled voluntarily due to the typhoon and it’s been a nightmare ever since but I think they got it worked out. Everyone should be there by tomorrow.

So we were on the 18th green last week and I pointed to a guy sitting in a golf cart with his fluffy lapdog. This prompted a question from Maddie. “What’s the term for a guy who (inaudible) his dog?” “Bestiality?” I queried. What she said was “looks like” but I did get a chuckle from our playing partner.

One Response to 2nd Stage 2016 – Tuesday

  1. Ozzcaddy says:

    Larry, what is your review of the Airbnb that you stayed in last week? Is it just pot luck like it is with hotels. Any restrictions that come to mind?

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