2nd Stage Qualifier 2016 – Round 3

My player is Madeleine Sheils.

Gained most of the ground we lost yesterday with a –1 on the Panther today.

My roommate Mike Carrick and I had identical scores the first two rounds so naturally we were paired together. Our third was Lindsey Weaver and I saw something from her on our second hole of the day I’ve never seen before.

It was the par three eleventh. Maddie hit first and it was Lindsey’s tee. She teed it up, backed off and proceeded to pull the peg out of the ground and told Ying Luo to hit instead. ???

Lindsey had her mom on the bag pushing a trolley. She found trouble on the fourteenth hole and was laying three well over the green. She pulled a club but decided to change after seeing the lie. So she called mom over and changed sticks. Took a six but didn’t notice until the eighteenth hole that the club she changed from never made it back in the bag. No worries. After a call to the officials, it was delivered on the next hole.


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