Hello, This Is Microsoft Calling

Got a call from “Chocolate Chip” yesterday for some computer advice. Seems some guy from India “representing” Microsoft called saying they’ve been monitoring his computer and it’s full of malware. Given he uses a Chromebook, it makes that nearly impossible but this scam fools people every day. Here’s how it works.

They ask you to open the event logger. There are plenty of events that show a red x next to them which is normal. But the guy says that’s proof your computer is infected and for the sum of around $300 he’ll clean it up. All he needs is permission for remote access to your computer. NEVER DO THAT! First, he has your credit card number and second, he can install anything on your computer without your knowledge.

No one monitors your computer (except the NSA) and will never call you, period.

Another thing you shouldn’t do: As told to me by another looper, the following happened in the third round last week on the thirteenth hole of the Panther Course. It’s a short par five, dogleg left, with a partially obstructed view of the fairway. There is plenty of room left you can’t see because of growth in the hazard. The player evolved snapped her tee ball left and her caddie immediately said it was in the hazard and to tee up another, so she did. You already know what happened don’t you? The original ball was playable, albeit just within the hazard line. She took a triple and fired him after the round. She missed the finals by three shots.

Then there was this:

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