Q-School finals 2016 – Round 3

My player is Madeleine Sheils.

Two under today moves us up a notch.

Katherine Perry, Nannette Hill and Jennifer Ha were on the first tee in front of us. Only two were on the tee awaiting their announced start when Jennifer came running up just in time. Or was it? Their time was 8:55 but my watch had it past that and she was not inside the ropes. To us it looked as if the starter cut her some slack to get to the tee.

Maddie asked the starter if Jennifer made it in time and she hesitated, then said she just did. Bullshit I say! Not knowing if my watch was accurate, I checked it after the round. Turned out it was slow! She missed it by more than I thought. Should have been a two shot penalty.

Then there was this:

Brazilian golf officials dispute dire reports about Olympic golf course

Furman Golf Course To Join Rotation For BMW Charity Pro-Am In 2017

Catriona Matthew provides early Queens boost for Ladies European Tour team


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