New Beginnings

Happy New Year to all, albeit seven days late.

I’ve committed to Maddie for 2017. Being 156 on the priority list, we’ll be splitting time between the LPGA and Symetra Tours.  First gig will be the Monday qualifier in the Bahamas.

If my ride doesn’t crap out before I hit the road, I’ve decided to put in the needed repairs. Engine and tranny run fine.

Looks like Country Club Mike has started a catering business called Country Club Mike’s Catering and Delivery Service at Mossy Oak (well titled). “…I will start this venture the 25th. of January and beyond.” he said according to his Facebook post.

Here’s more from Mike.

It’s hard to believe professional tour golf is back already. I wish I were in the Bahamas the next few weeks with the tour and the LPGA. But its not going to happen and I’m fine with that. I want to wish all caddies, players, officials, staff,reps, club repair people, parents and Bahamians good luck. I am not done caddying on tour, just done for now. I was reading the book Caddy For Life , The Bruce Edwards Story. He caddied for Tom Watson for he longest. After they went to the Champions tour they came back to play in regular PGA tour event. Bruce said to I think a reporter, “do you smell that”. Of course he had no idea what Bruce was talking about. You smell it, Bruce was talking about PGA tour air, you smell it. Well the only thing I smell now is charcoal, oak wood some pork cooking mixed with that vinegar and hot sauce . Hopefully I will be able to smell some tour air in a little over a month or so. Until then Mossy Oak, beyond passion an obsession

Country Club at the grill

Country Club Mike at the grill 2

Looking back:

Don’t know why this popped into my head this morning but I decided to look it up. I was working the front desk at the Palm Court Inn in Tucson when this happened. Mother of 3 was found slain in ’95

Motorcycle Jim was working there also in maintenance. That evening, I received a call-back from the 911 operator saying that someone called and hung up. Since all the calls went through one main system, we had no clue from which room it came. I asked Jim to walk around and listen for any disturbances but he found none. The next day her body was found.

Then there was this:

Special Olympics Member to Play in Phoenix LPGA Pro-AM

‘Indians should naturally gravitate towards golf’ NFL star Ben Roethlisberger hopes kids choose golf over football

Twitter will livestream portions of PGA golf tournaments


4 Responses to New Beginnings

  1. Ozzcaddy says:

    Congratulations Larry with being on the bag for Maddie for 2017.
    I’m sure you both will kick goals along the way.

    Country Club Mike just looks right at home. Well done Mate.

  2. Peter Beauregard says:

    Safe travels and good luck to the both of you!

  3. Ozzcaddy says:

    Larry, Have you heard of anyone from the tour having been affected by your new Presidents executive order on immigration when entering the USA.

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