Pure Silk Classic Monday Qualifier 2017

My player is Madeleine Sheils. Shot four over.

2017 Pure Silk qualifier

This was the most difficult wind I ever caddie in. Our ball was even blown off the green once. Carded six birdies (which was close to miraculous) but three doubles did us in.

The highlight of the day came on the par five fifteenth. After our playing partner came up way short on he approach to the green, we decided to take more club. Oops! It rode the wind instead of getting knocked down, flew the green, hit the cart path and settled on the beach. Maddie hit it to twenty feet and made the putt for double.

We were basically the second alternate after it was all over but given the expense, Maddie flew out and I was not far behind. Back in Tampa now.

Plenty of aches and pains reported by me and my fellow loopers. Sore feet, muscle cramps and shin splints have been mentioned.

Cabbage Beach was just a short walk from our temporary abode so Rick and I took advantage.

Rick Cabbage Beach Nassua 2017

 Larry Cabbage Beach Nassau 2017

Then there was this:

Donald Trump wants to play golf with the Queen at Balmoral during first official state visit to UK

Tokyo venue under fire for barring female members


4 Responses to Pure Silk Classic Monday Qualifier 2017

  1. Ozzcaddy says:

    G’day Larry, why wasn’t play halted if the ball couldn’t stay on the green – that makes the green unplayable.


  2. Niel Loeb says:

    I’m curious to know if the expense of staying up to three nights before hearing you won’t get in the tournament is more than the reward of getting in the tournament. As second alternate, was the gamble not worth it?

  3. lifeontour says:

    Broke even.

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