Phoenix or Bust

Tampa to Beaumont to El Paso to Tucson to Mesa. Four days and 2,165 miles on the road (give or take). Pretty uneventful. Just the way I like it.

Remember the Seinfeld episode where Elaine was on the toilet without toilet paper and the lady next to her did not have a square to spare? Well a guy in a stall at a McDonalds in Lordsburg NM had the same problem. I was standing at the porcelain urine collection device when a voice echoed off the tiled walls asking for someone to tell management that he was out of toilet paper. No one responded to his request so he opened the door for some eye contact and guess who he was looking at?

So I zipped up and was about to get help when the other stall opened up. I told the gent to hold on while I unraveled a few yards for his enjoyment. My good deed for the day.

Spent the Tucson stay at Mike Brown’s place. He owns and runs The Cactus Tour. Talked golf. What else would we do?

Just after the Q-School finals, I estimated about two grand in repairs  to my car to get it road ready. Found some great deals and about $500 in savings seemed possible but that was not meant to be. Stopped at the Sams’s Club in El Paso to check the rear passenger and found it was badly worn and had a slow leak from an embedded nail. After examining the other three, I may need new set soon. There goes the savings.

Stayed with Mark Scott Saturday evening. He is now the assistant coach of the boys and girls Palm Springs High School golf team and was instrumental in starting the program. Kudos to Mark!

Made a run to the New Balance outlet store north of Tampa before leaving and purchased a pair of 993 Heritage Edition runners. Probably the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever owned. Well worth the $90 price tag.

Look who I ran into at Wildfire. It’s Jeff Stefler just finishing his cross country trip driving the LPGA truck. I watched him unload then we walked the front none together.

Looks like he’s getting social as the sign says.

Steffler with LPGA truck


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  1. bagger41 says:

    Been missing the posts glad your back Lair…………Shadowesk

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