Founders Cup Monday Qualifier 2017

March 14, 2017

My player is Madeleine Sheils.

Didn’t make it with +2. Perfect conditions and they lit it up.

The LPGA now has a link to the qualifying scores. Click here for this week’s.

We had a 7:50 tee time and the desert setting was absolutely fantastic.

Maddie chipping by moonlight FOunders Cup qualifier

Maddie chipping with a setting moon.

Quote of the week: An alternate was in our group in the stead of AC Tanguay. We discovered that Don, her local caddie, founded Cold Stone Creamery. They eventually merged with another company and he was forced out but not to be deterred, started another venture. He now owns a nutritional supplement company.  “I used to kill ‘em, now I save ‘em.” is Don’s tag line now. 🙂

We had a French player in our group which brought out former LPGA and current Legends player, Anne Marie Palli, on our second nine. She didn’t know her but being a fellow country woman, she was curious and wished to lend her support.

We offered our hellos and Maddie conversed with her along the way. Anne Marie remembered Maddie from the last Legends event when she worked for Val Skinner. Given my propensity to relate a story about the old days to Maddie when ever I have a chance, this was a perfect opportunity.

Way back when we played Randolph Park in Tucson, Anne Marie clocked a duck in flight on her approach shot to the ninth green. The ball went into a pond and she requested a ruling. Thought she should get a do over but that wasn’t happening. Don’t know what happened to the duck. The following year, the ill fated duck was added to the yardage book by the creator, “Gorgeous George” Lucas. BTW if anyone still has that book, could you take a picture of that page and send it to me.

That jogged my memory a little more. Anne Marie has a distinctive French accent and one of the caddies, (Carl “The Machine” to be exact) could do a fantastic imitation. So good in fact that he would call other loopers pretending to be Anne Marie and would be very believable.

Afterwards, I went to Wildfire to hang. Grabbed a sandwich in the caddie tent then hooked up with “Upstate Jay” for some stimulating conversation. Plenty of new faces out. Heard there was four major caddie changes after the Asian swing but don’t ask who. Cant remember.

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