Founders Cup 2017 Wednesday

Maddie wanted to have a second set of eyes for her putting so I traveled to McComick Ranch Golf Course this morning to watch her receive a lesson.

Yesterday was Pi day so naturally, caddies celebrated by having a pie of their own. One option of the daily food voucher is a pizza. Not a mini as one would expect but a full sized pie. Enough to feed three normal loopers or one Scraper.


After staining his new $9 day glow shirt with sauce, Jeffery improvised by using a towel as a bib.


Jeffery eating pzza

I opted for the ham and cheese panini. No ham, no cheese. I think it was pastrami. Looks like the double hamburger is the best option.

Picked up my 2017 caddie credential yesterday. Actually got my sir name correct this go around. They failed three times last year.

Looks like Greg Sheridan is on the mend. Out catching dinner.

Greg Sheridan fishing

Someone was missing their morning elixir yesterday. Left them in the parking lot. No worries. There’s free Starbucks in the restaurant.

coffee on car

Decide to replace my rubber with four new Pirelli P4s from Sam’s Club instead of doing it piecemeal. Checked around and they had the best deal. 90,000 warranty! Good to know they’ll be plenty of tread remaining when it eventually craps out. 🙂


One Response to Founders Cup 2017 Wednesday

  1. Ozzcaddy says:

    Good to see Greg up and doing what he enjoys. Pass on my good wishes.

    Larry, does Sams Club still throw in free balance and rotation for the life of the tires?

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