Founders Cup 2017 – Round 1

March 16, 2017

Monday qualifier Kaylin Yost is still is on fire. Shot –5 today.

Through some miscommunication, I was overtly optimistic regarding Greg’s recovery. He’s still in one heck of a fight. I sincerely apologize. But it is great to see him up and about and doing what he loves.

The coffee in the caddie tent and volunteer HQ is simply pathetic. They must be drawing the water through a hose that is not supposed to be used for drinking water. Has that distinctive plastic taste. YUK!

They’re building the wall. The one around the course to keep out the non-ticket holders, that is.

building the wall in Phoenix

1993 was the year of the duck’s demise by Anne Marie Palli for those interested.

The latest former LPGA pro to turn caddie is Dewi Claire Schreefel. She’s looping for Brittany Altomare.

1st and 2nd runner-up quotes of the week: “Not remembering happens a lot”. From one of the caddies reminiscing about the good old days when he could party well into the night and still loop in the morning.

We were lamenting the fact that there is no need for a child care truck since the players were so young and do not have children. That brought this response from someone who shall remain nameless. “Heck, half the tour should be in child care”.

Then there was this:

Ask Larry: LPGA dress code? Not me.

LPGA pros pleased with Muirfield members’ vote

Hollis Stacy is one of two LPGA Pioneers being honored this week at the Bank of

Jennifer Lopez chooses mansion with mini-golf course over mansion without mini-golf course

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