Kia Classic 2017 – Tuesday

March 21, 2017

Sincerest condolences go out to caddie Rick Kropf and his family. Rick’s dad passed away yesterday at the age of ninety-one.

Hung at the course till around one. Yesterday they gave out bag lunches but starting today, coupons in one’s caddie packet must be redeemed at a concession stand. Since Maddie didn’t make it I was out of luck, or so I thought. Found out that if you look destitute enough, someone will hand you an extra. Had the brat and a bag of Fritos. 🙂

Revo Sunglasses are giving out a free pair to all players and caddies this week. One thing about mirrored glasses, when some dufus extols the details of some inane anecdote, you can roll your eyes and he he doesn’t know. Which happened.

Revo sungalsses

A cooler was placed backwards next to the putting green which meant you had to practically stand in the flowers to pull out a drink because only half of the lid opened up. This was bugging me so I turned it around. Shortly after, a guy walks up and must have gotten a drink earlier because he tied to open the back. When that didn’t work, he then opened the front and, apparently not seeing what he was searching for, tried to open the back again. DOH! Here’s your sign.

This is not a Chinese puzzle box.

Kia cooler

“Scraper” finally got out of dreary old Portland and has landed in the state of eternal sunshine (well, maybe not this year). Working for Becky Morgan.

Scraper with Becky Morgan Kia Classic 2017

A shady character was hanging in the caddied area and putting green and security was called to check him out. They said he’s always around and is OK. Didn’t they say that about Jack Ruby?

Had a hankering for fried chicken after the round yesterday and stopped in the local Albertsons Supermarket. Had to be the scrawniest dried up pieces I’ve ever seen. Makes the the stuff from Walmart look like gourmet fare. As far as supermarket chicken goes, Publix is the best going away.

Kia Monday Qualifier 2017

March 21, 2017

My player is Madeleine Sheils.

Shot +4. Scores here.

Many non-qualifiers are playing the Symetra event in Beaumont CA but we’re taking the week off. Will play next week in Mesa though.

Played a practice round with Demi Runas on Sunday and was paired with her yesterday.

“The beast” arrived just in time for the practice round on the hills of California.

Larry with Maddie's bag

Looks like yardage book has been bugged by the CIA. Congress needs to investigate.

bugged by CIA

The motels here are outrageously overpriced so I rolled he dice on this Airbnb offering. Turned out pretty good. No TV but good internet which is most important. 15 minutes to the course and walking distance to downtown San Marcos. Only drawback is my room is on the third floor and the bathroom is on the second. Plenty of stairs to maneuver. Thirty to be exact.

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