Kia Classic 2017 Pro-Am

March 22, 2017

I was considering getting a guaranteed $100 loop but the rain kept me away. Had a wheel alignment on my ride done instead. It was pulling right but OK now.

Went to the course around noon. Immediately received food vouchers for the rest of the week by another caddie. I must be looking desperate. 🙂

I was about to use one of the vouchers when Rick Wynn asked if anyone wanted his extra In-N-Out burger. Bought two but could only down one. Went for that instead. Used the voucher for a roast beef sandwich to go when I departed. Nothing like free eats.

I was standing next to a player and her caddie Jeff by the fountain in the caddie are. She had her foot on the top of the small concrete wall stretching her hamstring when another player snuck up from behind and gave her a huge slap on the butt. Jeff immediately declared “That was not me!” which had anyone within earshot cracking up.

Then there was this:

LPGA legend Betsy King donates $1.3 million for clean water

Jackie Pung dies at 95: ‘Hawaii’s First Lady of Golf’ an LPGA pioneer

LPGA Legends Tour Coming to Lake Geneva this May

Castrale replacing golf with television, real estate careers

Golf Pro Pat Hurst Joins Bay Equity As Mortgage Loan Officer

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