Kia Classic 2017 – Round 1

Just shows length isn’t everything. Mo Martin is –6.

Two groups in yesterday’s pro-am finished in the dark and one didn’t finish at all.

Yoga on the green seems to be a morning ritual this week. I would have joined in but my leotards are in the wash.

Yoga on the green Kia Classic

No shoes allowed in this San Marcos yoga center. But if you need an extra pair, you know where to fine one.

Yoga shoes

When the bottom falls out, sometimes it’s literal. Mardi Lunn is looping for Xiyo Lin and on the fourth tee (their second nine) they were notified of being on the clock. Mardi snatched up the bag heading toward the fairway when the bottom let loose strewing the clubs on the ground. A new bag is coming.

Mari Lunn broken bag

Then there was this:

Ko overcame hacker’s moment at Carlsbad

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