Symetra Gateway Classic 2017 – Tuesday

March 28, 2017

My player is Madeleine Sheils.

Played the front yesterday and the back today. Both times with Giulia Molinaro for a handful of shekels. Maddie came out on top with some dinner credit.

Max and Joanie, Maddie’s parental units, are in the house. Drove down from Boise to cheer Maddie on and get some sun.

Bully is also in the house and is looping for Brittany Yada. Good to see back on the fairways.

After I had new tires installed in Phoenix, my ride pulled to the right. An alignment last week showed no improvement so I brought it back to Sam’s Club when I returned to Phoenix on Sunday. They couldn’t find a thing wrong so I asked them to switch the front tires to see if it pulled the other way. It didn’t but ran perfectly straight instead. Almost like something was dragging and removing the tire fixed it. Who knows?

Maddie set me up with private housing this week with a member from Alta Mesa Country Club. That’s huge considering that this is the last week of spring training and home of the Final Four. Motel prices are at a premium.

Watched Being John Malckovich for free using the Crackle app last week. So weird it’s hard to explain. Pretty good none the less.

Then there was this:

Oldie Jackie Stoelting clings to ‘dream’ of success in the LPGA

‘Pro golfer Michelle Wie’s outfits banned from top BC greens

Aviara was a kick in the grass for LPGA players

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